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Ride In Asia is a big bike rental company and a Thailand motorcycle tour organizer. Our structure carries the largest selection of BMW, Yamaha, Honda, and more for rent and touring. Your motorcycle trip planner is located in Sukhumvit soi 26, in the center of Bangkok, ideal to grab your motorbike as soon as you get out of the airport to start your big bike tour in Thailand!

Like you, we are passionate about big bikes and motorcycles. That is why we offer a selection of the best existing models, including the BMW 1200 GS Adventure, to enjoy your road trip in Thailand with the trendy equipment currently available on the market. Ride In Asia offers adventure travel enthusiasts not only big bikes rental, but also the option of guided or self-guided tours.

Grab your motorcycle and get ready for a lifetime adventure that will mark you forever!

The best motorcycle trip planner in Thailand

Ride In Asia is the best motorcycle trip planner in Thailand. We are offering a wide range of tour itineraries with convenient departures from Bangkok. Of course, we have the greatest motorcycles and big bikes for your road touring. Your Thailand Trip planner lets you choose between different flexible package options and services to plan your own motorbiking tour.

Planning your trip with a package, or on your own

You got the opportunity to plan a motorcycle trip with a package that we offer, or you can decide to ride on your own for even more freedom!

Our tour packages include the top sightseeing spots in Thailand along with the finest accommodations for bikers in Thailand. We also provide breakfasts, lunches, and dinner when you are planning your trip. Get the best motorbiking holidays in Thailand with a tour package!

However, you can also rent the bike bikes and plan your trip on your own, giving you even more flexibility in the schedule. We are here to assist you in planning a vacation in Thailand with our amazing motorbike holidays services: tour guide, mechanic, sweeper car… Contact us now to start planning a motorcycle trip in Thailand!

Planning your trip in Thailand

Discover the best places to visit in Thailand with a guided tour

We offer the chance to get accompanied by one of our motorcycle travel guides. If you are pretty new to big motorcycle touring in Thailand, we would suggest opting for organizing your trip with a Thailand travel guide.

Indeed, organizing your trip with a Thailand travel guide will give you the opportunity to communicate with the locals if you do not speak Thai. Our guides are Thai & English speaking, in order to get Thailand travel tips, avoid traps, and learn about local culture.

Moreover, our professional motorcycle travel guide will bring you to the best places to go in Thailand depending on your motorcycle tour. They will explain the history of each visited spot, with total friendliness and passion. Uncover amazing spots and enjoy your ride in total freedom of mind with a guided tour!

Discord the best places in Thailand

Choose your options to get a custom travel

When organizing your trip, you are free to choose many options to get a custom trip. Whether you are traveling in a group or alone, your Thailand trip planner can handle your entire motorcycle tour or just a part of it.

Depending on your requirements, you can make your own Thailand itinerary step by step for the duration of your choice. Although our Thailand itinerary packages last on average 1 to 3 weeks, you can rent the motorcycle as many days as you want.

You will also have the choice to be accompanied by a mechanic and a sweeper car during your Thailand itinerary. Additionally, we can assist you in planning your motorcycle trip in Thailand with a wide range of Tailor-made services, such as visits, accommodation, meals, customs equipment, and much more!

If you have any suggestions or special requests, feel free to contact our custom trip planner service. We will do our best to meet your requests and make you enjoy a custom journey.

Choose your options

Touring motorcycle for a safe trip in Thailand

Our customers can explore Thailand with confidence. All motorbikes are regularly maintained to meet strict factory standards providing the most fun, reliable, safe, and affordable riding experience. Moreover, all bike rental comes with 2 government-approved helmets, panniers, 3rd party insurance, and all the riding gears required for the big trip.

Moreover, the correct documentation is also provided for Asian travel to travel through most of the Asian countries in total peace of mind: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

We know how much this ride means to you, that is why we are working every day to ensure the best possible experience whether you, like us, want to enjoy life on a bike no matter where you are in Thailand. We provide 24 hours telephone support to all our riders while they are on the road.

Safety tours

Ride in Asia : get a glance on our team

The success of your motorcycle trip planner is the result of our experienced staff dedication, our high-quality standard, our excellent customer service, and our 10 years experience in the big bike rental industry in Thailand. Find below the main members of our team :

Ben, the managing director of the company

Ben: Managing Director & passionate about motorcycle tours

Now 38 years old, he has been interested in big bikes since he was a teenager and got his first bike at the age of 14 years old. He always has been riding big bikes in France until 20 years old (2002), the year he arrived in Thailand and rode across of Asia with numerous different models of big bikes. He is passionate about new technologies in the bike industry and always wants to provide the best ride to his friends and clients. However, he is a fan of vintage big bikes as well. Always available to assist the customers in any situation, you are in safe hands with this motorcycle trip planner.</^>

Ben, the managing director of the company

Tanny : Bike’s Manager & Lover

Tanny is Thai national, 38 years old, with 20 years of experience in high standard customer service and 10 years of experience managing our park of big motorcycles in Thailand. Tanny will be the one who can assist you any time, wherever you are, dealing with Thai encounters (and garages when have to) and finding proper fast solutions to any problem to might face during your big motorcycle rental in Thailand. Attention to detail and problem solving are her Motto. Tanny has been passionate about bikes since she was 12 years old when she started driving bikes in Thailand.

Ben, the managing director of the company

Boy : Customer Service Manager to guide you

Boy is Thai national, 34 years old, always ready to help and have a laugh at the office. He has been in the motorcycle trip planner company for many years and is passionate about customer service satisfaction. He will always go above and beyond to ensure her clients are super happy with everything during their big motorbike rental in Thailand. He also makes sure that all our big motorbikes for rent are clean and properly maintained.