On the tour

Yes ! You can go for some extra assistance with a broom wagon sweeping up riders for all the trip in case you do not wish to continue the tour by yourself. More assistance options are available for the road. Check them out on “our tours” pages or contact us to know more.

If you are not sure whether you will be able to keep the pace or not during the tour, you can take an additional assistance option like the broom wagon that will take care of you if you are really dead tired!

We don’t stay at cheap hotels or budget hotels. We select only the best hotels for your tour. After personally researching each person along our route, we choose family-run boutique hotels whenever possible. Quality, comfort and friendliness are top priorities when choosing a hotel. We try to choose a location that is close to restaurants, bars, ATMs and other facilities.

It varies from tour to tour but we will give your every details about what’s included on each meal on demand.