Motorcycle Guided Tour

The guided tour is an excellent option for people who is not confident with motorcycle touring, or foreigner visiting Thailand for the first time. Indeed you will be escorted and assisted by a local guide. For each excursion, an experienced bilingual motorcycle tour guide will lead you through your itinerary. He will plan the routes, coordinate the logistic, and show you the best places to visit. The guide will also serve as your interpreter during interrections with the locals. Accomodation is provided, and dinner is incorporated, so that you just have to enjoy your motorcycle tour !

Discover a region with its culture and customs

Choose the perfect guided tour for you

Bangkok Northeast of Thailand loop

Departing from Bangkok, travel to the Northeast of Thailand. This motorcycle tour lasts for 5 days and includes nightly accommodation.
5 days, 4 nights
Bangkok to Udon Thani
Bangkok to Hua Hin
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Tour from Bangkok to Hua Hin Beach

Departing from Bangkok, travel to Hau Hin. This motorcycle tour lasts for 3 days and includes nightly accommodation. This route
3 days, 2 nights
Bangkok to Hua Hin

Bangkok - Khao Yai - Ayutthaya

Departing from Bangkok, travel to Khao Yai - Ayutthaya. This motorcycle tour lasts for 3 days and includes nightly accommodation.
3 days, 2 nights
Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Motorcycle tour from Bangkok to Phuket

Departing from Bangkok, travel to Phuket. This motorcycle tour lasts for 7 days and includes nightly accommodation. This route is
7 days, 6 nights
Bangkok to Phuket

Bangkok Northern Thailand Loop

Departing from Bangkok, travel to the North of Thailand. This motorcycle tour lasts for 9 days and includes nightly accommodation.
9 days 8 nights
Bangkok to Chiang Mai

East Seaboard Motorcycle Loop

Go on an excursion from Bangkok to Trat via Chomburi, Pattaya, and Rayong. This motorcycle tour lasts 5 days and
4 days, 3 nights
Bangkok to Rayong

All guided tours include :

Guided for your tour

Local Thailand Guide Expertise

Get the most experienced big bike local guides to ensure that you are safe during all your trip. The guides will show you places to go, best cities to visit, and great roads in thailand.

All lenght for your tour

Amazing tours for all lenght

Each motorcycle guided tour can be solo or with group. Make your choice between a large variety of routes and places to visit. Depending the lenght you want, select the best package for you.

equipment for motorbike

Variety of motorcycles and accessories

We offer the best motorcycles and accessories to be sure you will enjoy your Thailand motorcycle trip. When booking your tour, you can select the touring motorcycle among BMW, Kawasaki, Honda brands.

Safe luggage storage

Safe luggage storage service

Before your departure, you can use our safe luggage storage so that you can travel with only the most necessary items. You leave the weight to us and we let you enjoy your big bike tour.

Accomodation and meals

Accommodation and services option

Packages include accommodation and dinner for all the touring big bike. Moreover many options are suggest to make your trip unique, like a mechanic all the time of the trip.

Airport pick up and greetings

Greetings and Aiport Pickup

A pick up airport service is offer for your arrival and departure. And a greet and meet with the guide is planned in order to check your motorcycle adventure step by step.

6 reasons to get a motorcycle guided tour

Travel with a guide

Travel with a local guide

We provide you with one of our local guides who are experienced in-order to make your journey effortless and exciting.All our local big bike tour guides are proficient local area experts with lots of years of experience , they are big bike touring riders who have some broad motorcycle information when it comes to motorcycle touring in Thailand and discovering places.

Emotional trip

Get an emotional trip

We offer an exciting, amazingly fun guided big bike tour, with the goal that you make some incredible memories on our big bike tour or motorcycle tour. Each big bike rider is treated the same, we have a superb method of making fellowship and companionship on our big bike tours, creating motorcycle connections that last for a long time.

Premium services for your motorbike tour

Premium services

We have discovered a guided group tour framework that provides convenience to each motorcycle rider during the big bike tour adventure, no matter how old you are, male or female, experienced or beginner big bike rider. We arrange everything from the motorcycle rental, ride itinerary, safe luggage storage as well as assistance even while you have started your big bike guided tour, so that your only focus is the motorcycle adventure.

Tour designed for you

Guided tour designed for you

During the guided big bike tour or tour motorcycle we make regular stops checking on the map of thailand cities and map se asia.During the asia trip planner, we generally stop for lunch and toilet breaks toward the beginning of the day and evenings. Come and enjoy a Thailand road trip with us!

Included in the package

Included in the package

Our guided motorcycle tour package contains highly detailed maps, GPS information and directions in addition to local information and accommodation details for you to effectively explore the locations by yourself during the guided tour when necessary.

Go to the best location

Go to the best location

Visit Thailand through an exceptionnal way and go to the best tourist attraction spots, temples, beaches, monuments depending your package. We pay attention to give the correct harmony between bike bike touring and providing sufficient opportunity and time to discover every wonderful location.