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BMW R1200 GS Adventure

฿ 5,000 / day

Ride the BMW R1200 GS Adventure in exclusivity into Thailand. This model is the best touring motorcycle for adventure with a powerful engine and equipments made specially for long distance. For more security, the injectors are equipped with a safety system such as an ABS braking system that can be turned on-off.

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Helmet, Gloves and Anti-theft padlock are free

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Get 2 more side-cases to carry your luggage

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Engine suitable for Adventure touring

The BMW R1200GS Adventure bike has an excellent 1,170cc, two-cylinder boxer engine equipped with 4 valves per cylinder and is air or liquid cooled. The mechanical noise is reduced by water cooling which also improves the heat up time of the motorcycle as well as improving combustion stability which leads to less emissions from the exhaust. The R1200 GS Adventure motorcycle is a whopping 125hp and has radiators which are hidden inside of the side panels. The engine makes it easy for the BMW motorcycle to push through muddy ground because of the output shaft on the left side of the engine and has a wet clutch integrated 6-speed gearbox to allow the exhaust silencer to be moved to the right side of the bike. The BMW bike engine also has a top speed of about 200km/h (124.3miles) with an electronic intake pipe injection fuel system.

Larger crash protection

The BMW R1200GS Adventure weighs 260kgs (573pounds). The seat height of the Adventure R1200GS is 890mm. The height of the BMW R1200GS Adventure is one inch taller than the base R1200GS at 1451mm. With an overall length of 2255mm and slightly wider than the base model at 981mm. The BMW Adventure bike is comfortable especially because of the cruise control for highway use, which gives you a moment of resting your wrists while driving the bike at an even speed. The BMW R1200GS Adventure also has a physically larger crash protection which the base R1200GS does not have.

Great Enduro Pro and Dynamic Pro Ride Modes

The BMW R1200GS Adventure with somewhat similar ride modes as the base R1200GS, has “Enduro pro ” and “Dynamic pro” ride modes, which make it seem like you are controlling two different bikes. Enduro slows the bike although really comfortable, it also absorbs big humps with more ease. The Dynamic mode makes the bike more powerful it also hardens the breakes when the suspensions tightens. You will be amazed at how quick the ABS traction control and power delivery work.

Ideal for the experienced biker

The BMW R1200GS Adventure is too big and too powerful for a new bike rider, so much experience is needed. With a steep learning curve, an inexperienced bike rider would not be able to ride the bike with ease because of the way it is shaft driven.

Maximum power for long travels

With such power that the BMW R1200GS Adventure carries, it is the ideal bike for travelling for very long distances. The stability of the BMW Adventure makes it easy to track across the highway roads. The luggage capacity and its incredible comfort make it a number one bike dedicated for long travels. With its maximum power the bike has good and quick handling. Its incredible balance facilitates twists and turns. The BMW Adventure performs well when it comes to Rainstorms, because it has “Rain Mode”, it does so by increasing traction and that’s the best way to maneuver in the rain. When it comes to heavy winds the balance helps for stability in-order to stay in control of the bike. When riding in gravel roads the suspension of the BMW R1200GS Adventure, gives you an incredible control.


For shorter travels the standard BMW R1200GS Adventure bike is suitable for everyday use around Bangkok and other closer destinations. If you are an experienced bike driver with a number of years of experience and loves the to partake in numerous touring adventures, then the BMW R1200GS Adventure is a well recommended bike for your adventure bike touring in Thailand because of its size, sleek electronic modes such as Dynamic, Enduro and Rain Mode.

Additional information



Engine Capacity

1200 CC


20 Kmpl

Starting Mechanism

Self Start


6 Speed

Dimension and weight

Length 2270 mm
Width 980 mm
Height 1460 mm
Kerb Weight 268 Kg
Wheelbase 1504 mm
Seat Height 1460 mm