Rent motorcycle and Big Bike Bangkok

You would like to rent motorcycle and big bike in Bangkok? It has never been so easy than with Ride in Asia! Our company offers a wide range of motorcycles and big bikes for short and long term rentals, with convenient departure from Bangkok. With our touring bikes up to 1200cc, we will suggest the best model, based on your needs and requirements, to make sure you make the most of your holiday trip in Thailand.

BMW R1200 GS Adventure

Ride the BMW R1200 GS Adventure in exclusivity into Thailand. This model is the best touring motorcycle for adventure with a powerful engine and equipments made specially for long distance. For more security, the injectors are equipped with a safety system such as an ABS braking system that can be turned on-off.

Recently overhauled motorcycle

Helmet, Gloves and Anti-theft padlock are free

Third-party motorcycle insurance is covered

Get 2 more side-cases to carry your luggage

Free support for any problem and question


The Motorcycle BMW R1200 GS is the best sport touring motorcycle design for short or long tour. The engine have 1,170Cc and two-cylinder boxer with 4-valves per cylinder. It’s a really safe model equipped with ABS, ESA and ASC. The R1200 GS is a stable and powerful motorcycle.

Recently overhauled motorcycle

Helmet, Gloves and Anti-theft padlock are free

Third-party motorcycle insurance is covered

Get 2 more side-cases to carry your luggage

Free support for any problem and question

Kawasaki Versys 650

The Kawasaki Versys 650 is a middle-weight motorcycle. It borrows design elements from dual-sport bikes, standards, adventure tourers and sport bikes; sharing characteristics of all, but not neatly fitting into any of those categories. The name Versys is a portmanteau of the words versatile and system.

Recently overhauled motorcycle

Helmet, Gloves and Anti-theft padlock are free

Third-party motorcycle insurance is covered

Get 2 more side-cases to carry your luggage

Free support for any problem and question

Rent motorcycle easily with Ride in Asia

Ideally located in Bangkok center, our Thailand motorcycle rental company has the most convenient location to start your trip right at your arrival at Bangkok airport. All kinds of motorcycle are offer for short or long time. Ride in Asia insures you with the best services and equipments. You can choose among our Thailand motorcycle packages and options for an amazing thailand trip.

All kind of motorbikes

All types of motorcycle

Find among all our models, the ideal motorcycle for you. Ride in Asia offers motorbike rental Bangkok of all cylinders and categories : sport, touring, or usual bigbike. In case you are planning to stay in Bangkok we would suggest an automatic motorcycle or scooter with our partner so you don’t have to pass the gears in the car congestion and get stuck in the heavy traffic.

All lenght for your tour

For short or long time

Depending on your needs, the motorcycle rental contract is concluded for the duration of your choice: for short or long periods. Daily, if you just want a short trip – like visit Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi. Weekly or monthly if you plan more time for your trip. The longer the rental period, the lower the price. If you plan to visit other countries than Thailand, please let us know when booking. Some documentation is need for boarder cross.

Premium services for your motorbike tour

Get the best services

Get the best service when renting your motorcycle with our company! Even before your arrival in Thailand, Ride in Asia will be in contact with you to explain in detail the requirements and conditions to prepare perfectly your big bike for your trip in Thailand. During your rental, our team will be available every day to assist you in case of accident and way lost. Just enjoy your ride!

equipment for motorbike

Select motorcycle accessories

A large kind of motorcycle gear is available in option. The helmet and gloves are free of charge. For other protection – like jacket, dorsal, pants – you will have the choice to select what you want in our shop. If you have a special brand or reference that you want, you can let us a message in order to reserve it for you. Be completly safe with Ride in Asia gear’s.

Included in the package

Opt for a tour package

If you are not confident about Thailand or about motorcycle, you should maybe select one of our touring motorcycle packages. It’s included programmed routes and logistic with local guide, or without guide. You just have to select a route depending the duration, then a manual touring motorcyle and other options. Explore Thailand riding the best engine in total safely with a tour package.

Support for all the tour

Beneficiate of options

We can provide you a guide, mechanic expert, or extra service in option. The guide will help you to select and follow the itinerary. With a mechanic, be sure you will be quickly assist for your bigbike. Extra service is special service that we offer : it’s phone assistance 24/7 to help you to find garages, hotels, local things to visit, activities to book. Maximise your fun and rent a motorbike easily with Ride in Asia.

What we ask for renting a motorcycle

For your security and responsibility, we ask you to have good riding ability and a valid driving licence. Before your departure, we will make sure you well understand Thailand driving regulations before departure. For each motorcycle rental, we also need an official document (like passport) and an deposit for any damage.

Riding Ability

Be sure you are able to ride motorcycle with big cylinders. It is powerfull engine so you need to have riding skills and a few kilometers on the clock. You won’t find motorcycle driving classes in Bangkok, so it is essential to make sure you know how to drive property and you already have dealt with powerful big bikes before.


For any motorcycles rental, we keep the passengers’ passports as a security. However, if you do not accept to leave your original passport with us (if you have to travel across Asia for example), please let us know and we can offer an alternative solution with your ID card, credit card or any pledge.

Drive licence

To drive on Thai roads, you must have a Thai or international driver’s license. It is a mandatory condition to be able to drive in Asia and to take out civil liability insurance (Polabo) in the event of an accident. It will also help you avoid problems with the police, if you run into them along the way.


We are asking for a security deposit for each bigbike. The amount of deposit depends of the cost of the motorcycle. This deposit will be returned to you at the end of the rental period, after checking the motorcycle has been returned in its initial condition.