Self Guided Tours

The self-guided motorcycle tour is the perfect package if you don’t need a travel guide. You just have to choose the route to explore and the motorcycle you want to ride on the dates you are available. Our company has selected for you the best routes and recommended outings for bikers. We provide GPS, and day-by-day stages with as much information as possible: nearby places to visit, restaurants and gasoline pumps around, and much more.

Make your own motorcycle tour in Thailand!

Discover by your own a region with its culture and customs

Choose the perfect self-guided tour for you

Bangkok Northeast of Thailand loop

Departing from Bangkok, travel to the Northeast of Thailand. This motorcycle tour lasts for 5 days and includes nightly accommodation.
5 days, 4 nights
Bangkok to Udon Thani
Bangkok to Hua Hin
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Tour from Bangkok to Hua Hin Beach

Departing from Bangkok, travel to Hau Hin. This motorcycle tour lasts for 3 days and includes nightly accommodation. This route
3 days, 2 nights
Bangkok to Hua Hin

Bangkok - Khao Yai - Ayutthaya

Departing from Bangkok, travel to Khao Yai - Ayutthaya. This motorcycle tour lasts for 3 days and includes nightly accommodation.
3 days, 2 nights
Bangkok to Ayutthaya

Motorcycle tour from Bangkok to Phuket

Departing from Bangkok, travel to Phuket. This motorcycle tour lasts for 7 days and includes nightly accommodation. This route is
7 days, 6 nights
Bangkok to Phuket

Bangkok Northern Thailand Loop

Departing from Bangkok, travel to the North of Thailand. This motorcycle tour lasts for 9 days and includes nightly accommodation.
9 days 8 nights
Bangkok to Chiang Mai

East Seaboard Motorcycle Loop

Go on an excursion from Bangkok to Trat via Chomburi, Pattaya, and Rayong. This motorcycle tour lasts 5 days and
4 days, 3 nights
Bangkok to Rayong

Each Self-Guided Tour includes :

All kind of motorbikes

A wide choice of motorcycles

Select among our touring motorcycles, the perfect one for you. They are revised after each use for more safety. Ride a comfortable and reliable motorcycle for traveling in Thailand.

Self guided tour with itinerary

Itinerary, GPS & Visit guides

Get GPS, a map of routes, and a visitors guide to allow you to follow the itinerary chosen and discover all places around. We recommend some roads but you are free to choose the routes you want.

Accomodation and meals

Lodging convenience & pleasante

For each destination, we include accommodation, which offers full adaptability concerning take-off times, dates, and goals. All establishments are of a high standard.

Meals are included

Morning meals & night suppers

Your lodging convenience incorporates all morning and night meals. Usually, different menus are offered to suit all tastes. Please let us know if you have a special diet.

equipment for motorbike

Quality accessories are provided

We provide the best and safest motorcycle accessories such as motorcycle helmets, gloves, riding glasses, and boots. Other accessories are in options.

Support for all the tour

Get a support for all the tour

Before the departure, we will take a time to explain to you the motorcycle specificities and the different steps of the tour. During the trip, we offer you a direct phone assistance.

The advantages of self guided tour

Independance of travel

Independance & Freedom of travel

The self-guided tours provide you with full flexibility to travel. You get to travel on your own terms, ride the way you want to, and tour wherever you want to. Traveling without a guide man in Thailand and Asia can give you a sense of independence and freedom while you are touring. Of course, our team is always present to assist you during your stay.

Go to the best location

Discover new places & Explore local life

Southeast Asia has many beautiful places to explore. All motorcycle tours embrace the most famous locations in Thailand or Asia. You will be able to visit the best of each region and meet helpful and kind inhabitants throughout your tour, for a human adventure full of rewards. Measure yourself against the unknown and test your abilities to immerse yourself in a new environment!

Travel alone or with a group

Travel alone or with a group

This type of tour is ideal for solo or group travelers who are looking for full of freedom, fun, and challenge. You can choose to travel alone or plan your trip with companions according to your expectations. Since this is a tour without a guide, our agency will provide you with all documents and equipment needed to lead you on your own, including a GPS and road maps.

Ride efficient motorcycle

Enjoy approved and efficient motorcycles

When booking your tour, you will have the choice between a wide range of top-quality motorcycles to rent. Our selection includes the most famous brands: BMW, Ducati, Honda… The machines are regularly serviced in specialized garages for even more reliability. Some models require to be handled with a lot of care and responsibility. Be sure you are able to ride them.

Lot of destinations are available

Lot of destinations and itineraries

Find the perfect package based on the provinces you want to visit. Many routes are offered to suit all types of drivers. You can discover the recommended levels as well as the different stages on the tour pages. Concerning the durations, our tour operator offers short stays (less than a week) or itineraries of 2 to 3 weeks. Book the length of your choice depending on your availability.

Premium services for your motorbike tour

Premium services with options

In an aim to provide you with the best service, all motorcycle tours contain basic services and can be customizable with options. It is thus possible to benefit from a broom wagon, an expert mechanic, or even 24-hour assistance. A courteous welcome is automatically scheduled before all tours in order to take stock of the motorcycles and the route. Please contact us for any special requests.